Grey Goose, Time Out Tel Aviv, and Inception partnered to create 360 and VR content around Grey Goose’s exclusive #FlyBeyond event.


Grey Goose hosted an exclusive event called #FlyBeyond at the Tel Aviv Museum and wanted to create a 360 experience that would capture the spirit of the evening and allow their global fans to share the highlights.
Through an artistic and innovative approach, we produced an experience in connection with our Time Out Tel Aviv channel as well as a 360 version which was available for Grey Goose to share with their social communities. This piece was so successful that we have been commissioned to produce a second (non-event) VR experience for the Grey Goose brand.


We carefully captured the event to make sure that we could create a piece that would live on and fully represent the evening. We created versions for VR distribution via the
Inception app, and for 360 distribution so that Grey Goose could post it across their social channels.


Generate excitement around Grey Goose’s #FlyBeyond campaign.

Create long-term assets based on the event to allow it to live on and benefit from a larger ROI.