Facebook AR filter campaign


Pitchfork partnered with Inception to create a Facebook Camera Effects filter to promote their ‘Story of Goth’ campaign.


Pitchfork released a range of content around the theme ‘Story of Goth.’ They included articles, Spotify playlists, social media campaigns, and more. To go alongside their goth campaign, they brainstormed with Inception how they could create engaging and fun content to reach and delight their fans in a new way.
We created a Facebook Camera Effects AR filter which utilizes the Facebook camera to turn users into goths.


To promote the release of the filter, we created a video showing people what the filter looks like and how to use it, with a soundtrack of ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ by Joy Division.


Promote the ’Story of Goth’
Activate Pitchfork’s large Facebook audience
Engage users and encourage virality and sharing