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Inception XR – Revolutionizing Reading with XR 

Inception XR is a leading next-generation immersive content platform combining proprietary technology and a best-in-class creative studio to produce exceptional mixed reality experiences at scale. 

Inception leverages the mobile AR revolution to create interactive literary experiences.  

Just like digital and audio-books changed the way we consume the written word, we believe XR is the next frontier in reading. Our flagship product, Bookful, pioneers a new literary category, where books come alive through the power of augmented reality. 

Inception’s vision is to revolutionize reading, offering a marketplace where interactive, mixed reality enhances the literary experience.   

About Bookful  

Bookful is a best-selling AR/3D reading app for children ten and under. Bookful holds the world’s largest Augmented Reality library, with titles from leading publishers including Oxford University Press, Harper Collins, DK, and Hachette, along with leading book series such as Thomas the Tank Engine, PJ Masks, Peppa Pig, My Little Pony, and many more. Each book is complemented by related games and interactive activities, bringing stories to life like never before. Our app creates a magical, playful universe for young readers, helping children discover the joy of books. 

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